Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Biomaterials and Therapeutic Applications : 

Millions of patients worldwide have benefited from technological innovation from biomaterials. Yet, while life expectancy continues to increase, organ failure and traumatic injury continue to fill hospitals and diminish the quality of life. A number of organic and inorganic, synthetic or natural derived materials have been classified as not harmful for the human body and are appropriate for medical applications. These materials are usually named biomaterials since they are suitable for introduction into living human tissues of prosthesis, as well as for drug delivery, diagnosis, therapies, tissue regeneration and many other clinical applications. Advances in understanding disease and tissue regeneration combined with increased accessibility of modern technology have created new opportunities for the use of biomaterials in unprecedented ways. Materials can now be rapidly created and selected to target specific cells, change shape in response to external stimulus, and instruct tissue regeneration. Recently, nanomaterials and bioabsorbable polymers have greatly enlarged the fields of application of biomaterials attracting much more the attention of the biomedical community.
One such example is use of Biomaterials in Cardiac Therapy is mentioned below.


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