Friday, 10 August 2018

Coating of Biomaterials with emphasis on microwave technology : 

Research in medical science is always seeking new technologies which meet the growing demands of better, more stable and durable implant in body environment. An ideal implant should excel in both the basic requirements i.e. in mechanical properties and in biocompatibility. Till now, very few materials can fulfill both the needs. To cope up with the emerging demands, new inventions are always required. Mechanical properties of implant like strength besides adhesion and integration of implant with human tissue is of paramount importance. Recent development in this field led to development of various biocoatings which exhibit enhanced integration of implant with the human tissue. Various recent technologies used in coating of metallic implants.These alternative coating techniques have shown better adhesion to varieties of substrates. Microwave processing is emerging as an innovative technology in efficient, economic, effective manner with many advantages. An example of Microwave-Assisted Dip Coating of Aloe Vera on Metallocene Polyethylene Incorporated with Nano-Rods of Hydroxyapaptite for Bone Tissue Engineering is shown below.


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